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Business Cards

Business cards are important marketing tool. Business cards keep your customers up to date with your contact details and provide new customers with something to familiarise themselves with you business.

A business card will usually contain your logo, contact name and address along with possibly a few short lines of text that may be relevant to your business. Being an ideal wallet size is a way to ensure your details stay handy and accessible all the time.

At Central Commercial Printers Bathurst we offer a design and print service. We can also design a logo for your business if needed! Alternatively, provide us with your artwork already laid out in PDF format and we'll do the rest. Keep in mind that we have specifications for supplied artwork to ensure your end result is the best it can be.



Full colour business card printing, ideal for quantities under 1000

90mm x 54mm

300gsm matt or gloss stock



Used for spot colour printing requiring the use of specified corporate ink colours from the Pantone Matching System.  Quantities from 250 to one million! Offset printing also offers full colour printing for small or large quantities with no limit on how many. 

90mm x 55mm is the general and most practical size but we also do any size you require.

300gsm matt or gloss stock



A gloss or matt celloglaze can be added to your business cards to give a polished, stylish finish to enhance your cards.

Rounded corners give your cards an unusual edge to make you stand out from the others. 

Raised print and gold or silver foil is also an option to provide your cards with a interesting and eye-catching result.Raised printing is exactly that, the print is raised so the type has a textured feel and look. Gold and silver foiling give the type an extreme metallic shine.